Tippecanoe and Bagel, too!

Week 9 Theory: Agenda Setting theory

This week, I had a large assignment to come up with bagel puns. One of our clients is going to put on a Shmear Campaign, with light political humor and references, this coming fall. They are going to use catchy bagel puns to grab the audience’s attention and then promote their campaign.

Now, agenda setting theory is a theory that describes the order of presentation of media to an audience and how that affects their sense of important information against less important information. For example, when you read a news article, you know the headliner is the attention grabbing sentence, or phrase—which should hold the most importance. The second thing might be the first couple lines, the hook phrase and the information that leads you into what kind of story is being told. Importance can be measured by when, and how, information is provided by the author. In the same respect, each Schmear Campaign post should first grab someone’s attention, second lead them into the “story”, and third leave them interested in the content.

Agenda setting theory has two levels. The first concludes that objects or issues are used to influence people into thinking about a certain thing. For our client, this would be schmear. The second level would be how media deals with something called “gatekeeping”. In easy terms, this is basically how media decides who/what qualifies as a keeper. They’re the security guards of whatever product they’re promoting and most likely stick to whichever kind of culture they’re trying to promote.

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