That’s a (sandwich) wrap

Week 10 Reflection:

With my internship coming to a close soon, it’s been interesting learning about the food and drink industry, PR, and my fellow Pickles. I’ve never taken a PR class or really known what it takes to be in public relations, but wow… it’s a doozy. What an interesting, fascinating line of work that requires not only the media, personal, and emotional skills to constantly sell, push, and adjust promotional sales (or whatever the product/brand may be), but it takes computer skills, stamina, and creativity, too.

To work for Little Green Pickle is to be a food lover, an email writer, and an idea creator. I worked with Carrie recently on coming up with a quick pitch, a quick sell on a client’s happy hour menu. It was Asian food, more specifically bao. Instantly, the ideas started flowing. Bao Down, because this food is delicious! What a bao-t this. I’m thinking a(bao)t Asian tonight. So many puns, so many. Half good, a lot bad. It was a two minute warning, and a 10 minute deadline. This is the kind of thrill PR people live for I suppose; one of many. Writing press lists for wedding events, or oyster shucking on National Oyster Day, or even creating bagel puns, has been very interesting. Now, I’m not saying it’s all fun and games. Research is research, and man there is a lot of it. I’ve never thought about how much work and effort goes into finding people’s emails for magazines, publications, etc. It’s quite difficult, and also, there’s so many food and drink media outlets, in Portland alone! Here I am thinking of Food Network, and Bon Appetit. There’s dozens of printed magazines and media outlets for food and drink, and double that (and double it some more) for online versions. And then, once knowing all the choices you have for media, you have to track people down and find their contact information, whilst doing many other assignments simultaneously.

Especially with a small group of 6 that LGP has, it’s important that people stay on task and stay focused because there’s little room for error with 30 clients and 30 days in the month to get it all done. I have a huge appreciation for what it takes to put on an event or get an article in a magazine. It’s not easy, and there’s a lot of email writing, and email ignoring that goes into this industry. I’ve really enjoyed my time here at LGP, and I hope they found value in keeping me this summer.


Day 23: 8 hours

Total: 176 hours

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