Take 2/day, and Drink Lots of Fluids

Week 8 Reflection:

This week was terrible. I was sick as a dog. Not knowing where the clichéd phrase of sick as a dog comes from, I really have no idea if it’s true, but let me tell you—I was pretty sick this week. Battling a cold, and fighting to still go to work was tough. I ended up going home one day, and then stayed home the next. It was tough, not only because of how terrible I was feeling, but how much more terrible it felt to stay home and not be at work. I felt like I was letting the team down and couldn’t help out as much as I’d like. In the same respect, I needed the sleep, fluids, and quarantine from others. I’m not sure how much I technically worked, but I put down 10 hours to be safe, since I didn’t actually work a full two days’ hours, but I definitely worked near half.

Communication was tough because I was supposed to be on email, but going in and out of sleep was difficult on my brain and body to stay in work mode. I feel very unfamiliar and uncomfortable too with the protocols of being sick and having a real job. What’s allowed, and what’s not? If I take a sick day, am I still supposed to be on email, or do I actually get it off? It’s all very new to me and I’m not sure what to do, but there’s a first for everything and this week was my first sick week. It’s an odd feeling—wanting to feel relief from working and just taking care of myself, but then also worrying about work (and we all know how stress is good for the body). I communicated via email and Google chat this week, also by text. I don’t really like communicating this way, though, because the Internet wasn’t made to accommodate emotions via text. Maybe that’s why they invented emojis.

I had a lot of assignments on my to-do list this week as well, coming up with press lists, collecting press hits, and other busy work. It’s a bummer because between working at LGP, Adidas, and PRP—sometimes the workdays blur and I worry that I can’t put my all into everything on my plate. This summer flu needs to be gone, pronto.


Day 19: 10 hours (2 days)

Total: 146

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