Schmear Campaign

Week 9 Reflection

Ask not what your bagel can do for you, but what you can do for your bagel. This week, I had the task of creating 45 bagel puns. One of our clients is going to put on a Shmear Campaign, with light political humor and references, this coming fall. The campaign revolves around political humor since it is an election year, and encourages people to come up with creative schmear (cream cheese spread) for their bagels. The best schmear idea will become a real product and the company will use it for a period of time. If it’s a really good idea, it has the potential of staying on full time with all of the other classic/popular schmears. To promote this “campaign”, they are going to use catchy bagel puns on social media platforms to grab the audience’s attention and then promote their contest.

They wanted me to come up with 5 separate social media posts per week, for 9 weeks, which equals 45 bagel puns. At first I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure there were enough Presidents or catchy political slogans to use, but I managed to come up with some funny ones. I used quite a bit of Abraham Lincoln quotes. One of the first thoughts to come to my mind was: Make Bagels Great Again. Then I was worried, but then the ideas started flowing into my brain. Our client was very satisfied with the puns and media plan and my coworker was too. It was an interesting assignment, and I’m not sure I can ever take bagels seriously again. Also, my friends are tired of hearing about schmear, bagels, and Presidents. They’ve banned me from the topic.


Day 21: 8 hours

Total: 162

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