It Takes 6 to Tango


Week 6 Theory: Groupthink

Groupthink is an interesting theory. It explains how groups, usually smaller, come to unanimous decisions despite other solutions. This may not necessarily be the better option, but it’s the mindset that leads to the decision that is interesting. Irving Janis, a social psychologist, coined the term and wanted to understand how people as individuals come to conclusions successfully, but may not necessarily come to that same conclusion when placed in a group.

Little Green Pickle, being a small work place of 6, 7 including myself, has the threat of succumbing to groupthink. Surprisingly enough, I find the hierarchy of our employees, and strong opinions to help negate groupthink. I say strong opinions with no intention of negative connotation. My coworkers are strong, independent women *cue Beyonce music*. Just kidding, but actually they are all strong and unafraid of voicing their opinions, so it would make it less likely that groupthink should apply to our office. I think it helps that we all come from pretty different backgrounds and states, therefore adding diversity and encouraging different views and cultures.

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