Feast your eyes on this

Week 7 Theory: Knowledge Gap Theory

Knowledge gap theory is a really interesting theory brought on by Philip Tichenor, George Donohue, and Clarice Olien. These three professors introduced the idea that mass media may increase the diversity of higher and lower social status through one’s accessibility to said media/information. The accessibility to media would increase the gap, rather than decrease it because those of lower social standing, or economic status, wouldn’t be exposed to such a thing and therefore are even “further behind” in that sense.

In no way am I suggesting that Feast is only for a certain status of people, nor for a certain demographic, but I couldn’t help but think of this theory when I first thought of Feast. Feast is a food festival for food lovers alike. It doesn’t matter the age, culture, or home location of the person, it only matters that they can be in Portland in September to enjoy the event. That being said, I remembered asking my friend about it and if he was going. He told me he was interested, but checked the prices. It was around $500 for 5 events or so. An event-to-event type of festival Feast is, it can get pricey real quickly.

This is no ordinary food festival, farmer’s market, beer carnival. This is a higher end, clever, food detailed event. The events are pretty exact in each niche, for example: Sandwich Invitational is all about delicious sandwiches. The reason I tie the knowledge gap theory to this event is because you’d have to have enough funds, or background, to afford enough events for the entire weekend, unless you’re spending a substantial amount on one 1-2 hour event. I think it’s sometimes difficult for me, personally, to understand how much some spend on such a thing. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, I think it’s just my college, 40 cent/pasta meal brain that screams no. But I can see how this may separate the food oriented/detailed from those who just love grub. This kind of event really brings together those who have a deep love for good food, food trends, and diverse, interesting people—including chefs and critics from all around the world.

I spoke to my same friend earlier this week, he told me he bought 3 events. One’s about cocktails, one about sandwiches, and the last about brunch. I can’t blame him, I love brunch.

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