Feast! Portland

Week 7 Reflection:

4 days to Feast, 361 days to recover. Such a fun slogan the Feast! Portland team has created. Feast is a food festival that appears in Portland every year. It has fun events such as Peace, Love, & Cocktails, and The Sandwich Invitational. One of my bosses, Carrie, created it with Mike. They are both superior in their knowledge and passion of the food and drink industry. It’s really fascinating hearing them speak about media people, food, and critiques because of how much knowledge they have. Every word Carrie says holds weight so it’s really interesting to hear what she has to say, especially when she’s giving me criticism.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of Feast work lately, between booking flights for influencers, media, chefs, and other various important people, delivering Feast! products or brochures, and collecting press hits from Feast. I found transportation options for people, and have been trying to familiarize myself with all the different events. There’s so much knowledge to know about this industry and it’s crazy to think how many little sects there are to each part. For example, there are bloggers or influencers who are strictly focused on drinks, and then even further into drinks, there are specific bloggers who focus on cocktails, or beer. Then there’s people who strictly focus on wine and vineyards.

It’s such an interesting place to come from where you’re a customer deciding where to go for dinner, and then be a critic who is so specific, so knowledgable, and who knows specific chefs or bartenders by name and reputation. Most people don’t think of chefs when they go to eat somewhere, they’re usually thinking about what kind of food sounds good. I used to think being a food critic might be fun, and fairly easy, but wow… there’s so much thought and knowledge that goes into each bite, each restaurant. You must think of the service, the ambiance, which vegetables are in right now, and who the chef is and his/her history. You have to consider how new a place is, maybe even what’s trending. For example, poke is really trendy right now, and apparently fava beans, too. Something like those little fun facts used to never cross my mind, but now I’m constantly thinking about food, and characteristics about food, and taking the right picture so that I can show it off on our social media later that day. What crazy concepts, and my crazy brain and crazy eyes are focused on everything all at once, ready to Feast!


Day 17: 8 hours

Total: 136

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