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Week 5 Reflection: Social Media

Thus far, I’ve been a Pickle for roughly 104 hours, and it feels funky. Somewhat comfortable, and yet still out of place, I feel like things are coming together and I’m naturally getting a sense of what it’s like to work here. Certain actions and assignments are becoming habit, and others I have to remind myself of.

This week, one of my bosses, Carrie, approached me about my social media skills and said that she had noticed that my posts on our collective Instagram page get the most likes and comments. She then asked me if I could prepare a social media presentation to give the group at our weekly brainstorm meeting. I said heck yeah! It was nice to be recognized and feel appreciated, and I knew this was somewhat of a big deal. I wasn’t asked to run an errand or to make copies. I was asked to give a presentation to our group about a skillset I might be able to educate them on. I was really excited about it and then proceeded to spend an hour on a 10-minute presentation.

The next day I gave my presentation, unsure of what my coworkers would think. Interestingly enough, when I started to speak, their pens propped up and notes were taken. Jokes were made, and questions were asked. The knowledge I shared was really interesting to me, not because of the actual content, but because something that came somewhat naturally to me was a product of my childhood taking place in such a highly technologically interactive time. I thought about things others didn’t, like times to post, how to be interactive with followers, and using #hashtags. Although hashtags and certain social media tactics are new to me, even given my social media skills, it was interesting to see their own stances and understandings on how to do things, and what it means to them.

I felt a new sense of purpose this week, and was given loads of new projects dealing with social media knowledge and searching. It was one of my better weeks, feeling acknowledged and appreciated. Not that I don’t enjoy a good run to recycle batteries or drop off kegs, but I felt needed this week, and that was cool.


Day 13: 8 hours

Total: 104 hours

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