Let’s Taco Bout Them Invites

Week 6 Reflection: Hand Written Stella Letters

Stella and I have started a summer fling that consists of only the good stuff. Stella’s thoughtful, comforting, and covered in cheese. Did I mention her last name is Taco? Stella Taco. 2 locations: SE Division, and somewhere in NE. She serves summer margs, too.

Anyway, enough about us, this is about them—them being social media influencers and friends of LGP. This week I was assigned the task of writing hand written Stella Taco invitations as a promotional tactic to encourage, and hopefully promote, a free meal, on the house, with the invitee and their closest 4 friends, or whoever they felt necessary.

After being acknowledged for my social and artistic skills last week, I was quickly given many, many more projects and tasks dealing with the arts, physical and social (media). This week, however, I was to write invitations, tie them to drink cozies with fun string, and then deliver them. On Wednesday, I sought out to deliver the goods when I started realizing that my address book was a mix of professional offices, and home addresses. I was hand-delivering hand written letters… that I wrote, by hand. I haven’t done anything like this since 2nd grade Valentine’s Day letters—you know, the pink striped cards where you punch the sucker through the middle and offer it to your friends in class, because otherwise you don’t ever see them? Yes, those ones. It felt oddly harmonious with my childhood and suddenly I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except he was handing out newspapers and I was handing out taco invites.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting feeling going from my high horse, social media wizard status, to taco invite delivery gal. No complaints—it was just a friendly, and funny reminder of the many responsibilities this internship brings me and how I range in skillset and opportunity.


Day 15: 8 hours

Total: 120 hours

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