Uncertainty Reduction Sauce… Or Theory

Week 3 Theory: Uncertainty reduction theory

Uncertainty reduction theory explains the idea that before one person interacts socially with another, he or she has an initial need to reduce uncertainty, making that person feel more confident and certain of what he/she is about to engage in. It’s an inherent need to reduce uncertainty of the other person before actually interacting because that extra bit of knowledge might be able to more closely predict that person’s behavior, and therefore actions. This theory was very applicable to Week 3 at Little Green Pickle for me. By this week I feel new enough for people to still be on good behavior around me, but familiar enough that they feel okay treating me like anyone else. Eventually the polite smiles and small talk fade and reality sets it. I started noticing the cliquey culture of my coworkers and how their behaviors actually fell into place in a natural setting. I watched what I said and how I engaged with people, especially with clients coming in—this being the first time I’m meeting and seeing them. At this point I’m beginning to really understand how everything works and reduce uncertainty through observations and research. By research, I mean looking up company formats of things and how emails are written. These things help me understand the mindset and voice of LGP, helping me further understand the culture and personality here before I delve too deeply into anything.

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