Cookies, anyone?


Week 4: Horchata Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookie

A bland week spiced up by Stella Taco’s Spiced Horchata Chocolate Chip Cookie, these past 7 days have been an interesting roller coaster of events. On one hand, I’ve had to run around recycling batteries and babysitting kegs, and on the other I had the opportunity to write my first pitch about a cookie! It’s been a hodgepodge of classic intern assignments with real, exciting responsibilities. I realize that some days will consist of updating magazine subscriptions and scanning papers, but sometimes I get to do fun things and use my creative writing skills and imagination. I ended up writing a magical piece on the spiced cookie and how it “changed the cookie game.” I not only wrote it, but also learned a lot of important writing tactics through the process. My boss, Carrie, showed me the ropes on how pitches normally follow and the do’s and don’ts that apply. Also, at this point my to-do lists, which I make daily, are getting longer and longer. I think my coworkers are starting to trust me more and lean on me task wise. In addition to feeling more familiar with the environment, I can really feel the hierarchy in the room and have been trying to be more confident. I’m looking people in the eye when I speak and holding my ground as well as trying to go above and beyond their expectations. Quote of the week is: “Throw a wrench into our mix.” Carrie is always pulling off cliché phrases in a very stylistic and appropriate way. I believe this quote was mentioned when putting together a list of items and clients for our Holiday Gift Guide coming up this winter season.


Day 11: 8 hours

Total: 88 hours



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