TRA: The Brunch Nightmare

Week 2: Theory

Theory of reasoned action deals with behavioral intention and attempts to predict these behaviors as well. It takes into consideration ones goal, and factors in their situation to present an outcome. An example might be if someone wants coffee before work, but she is running late and therefore won’t stop for coffee, 1) because of her lack of time, and 2) importance placed on being on time at work. Also, this theory takes into consideration norms and values and how that might play against ones attitude towards their goals. For me, this theory applies to my second week when I had the chance to shoot a restaurant’s food with one of my bosses, Jannie. She took me along to the restaurant where we then proceeded to check the lighting, tables, and engage in small talk to the chef. Before I knew it, the chef started dishing out meal after meal of incredible brunch food. My eyes said, “Woah,” but my brain said, “no.” My mouth was salivating, but I knew socially that it was probably frowned upon to scarf down the food made purely for photography reasons. I was caught between this lack of experience in how I was supposed to act in this kind of situation, and the hungry desire to just eat alllll the food. Since the sense of taste and smell are connected, all of the food sitting in front of me, hot and ready to eat with wafting, indulging smells only naturally had my taste buds engaged in a cruel act of warfare. I knew there was an etiquette with food photography and I learned later on that when shooting meals, you never ask to eat, and only eat when offered a dish because the chef usually has ideas of what he/she wants to do with the extra food, like serve it during a staff meeting or whatnot. This kind of etiquette was not known to me at the time, but I’m glad I listened to the norms screaming at my brain rather than my stomach, because I would’ve been really embarrassed and probably never invited to shoot again. Theory of reasoned action would’ve predicted correctly in that I would not invite myself to feast on the food, even though it would’ve been the dream. It’s a brunch dream that I wish I could go back to every Sunday.

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