Same same, but different.

Week 2 reflection:

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ve heard the phrase: “Same same, but different.” It basically means something is nearly the same, but just a bit different. This is what week 2 at Little Green Pickle was like. It was the same as week 1, but a tad bit different: a bit familiar, a bit curious, and a lot of crazy, but in a good way. Although I’m still really new, I feel at home with my fellow Pickles. The stereotypical intern job usually consists of grabbing coffee, surrounding oneself with experts, hesitantly listening in on meetings, and constantly unconsciously assessing your worth amongst your peers. In the LGP world, this position has a slight variation in that it’s all food oriented with picking up kegs instead of coffee, and trying a clients’ product involved lunch and possibly dessert. I was given a fair amount of responsibilities at this point and was taught the ropes. One of my first, fairly stressful assignments was to put together a press list for a media event. The press list assignment would take me a few hours and countless searches on search engines such as Google, Cision, and our own databases. Later in the afternoon I was told that this process should only take about 30 minutes. Shocked. I was shocked. Something I spent hours on my peers could whip through in 30 minutes!? Superstars they must be—so much knowledge. It’s pretty intimidating listening in on my bosses and coworkers spew off names and create lists of people to invite to events because they have a back of their hand, upfront knowledge on everyone and anyone with topics as vague as “drinks” and then narrowing the list down person by person, delving into who’s more of a cocktail writer rather than wine taster. What a crazy world of food and drink, and where was I during all of this? I can only imagine the fashion industry if this is what the Portland food industry is like. I feel like this is only the beginning of testing my skills, confidence, and food knowledge. I better read up, or in this case: eat up. I think this job could be threatening to my waste line.

Day 6: 8 hours

Total: 48 hours

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