Eyes tired, brain wired.

Week 3 Reflection:

Culture. 7 letters of ubiquitous, continually growing, tangible and yet intangible factors that play on everyday life in every country, city, and environment. The Little Green Pickle corporate culture consists of food testing, critic critiquing, email writing, and continual food and drink pitching. It’s a refined set of instincts being able to distinguish good food from the bad, quick writing skills, and the ability to work hard despite a post lunch food coma. Week 3 has me observing, assessing, and attempting to really understand the culture here. Since there are only 6 people, 7 including me, at the entire company it’s definitely the definition of a small company. Starting at the top, there’s my boss, Carrie, who is the all Seeing Eye. She just has this incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, and has so many connections and a way of understanding people. Next, there’s Jannie, who does photography, all things technological, and quite a bit of other tasks. She’s amazing as well, and Carrie’s wife. They have a child named Taylor, who they nicknamed #SuperWhiteBaby. You would have to see his flaming red hair and adorable smile to understand the hashtag. Next, there’s Frances, who is a fellow Salzburger and UP graduate. She is amazing and was always known as Intern Frances, because she was their first intern and has been with the company from the very beginning with Carrie and Jannie. Then there is Brooke, Alexa, and Banning. Brooke is next in command under Carrie and Jannie, overlooking Alexa, Frances, Banning, and I, while bringing us fresh veggies and fruits from her garden and always supplying good stories and feedback. Alexa is just a year old with the company and does a lot of outreach and pitching to companies, magazines, and media, and Banning does a series of organizational tasks and many other jobs that I can’t even imagine due to his stamina in how much work he accomplishes. With 5 ladies, and Banning, it’s an interesting, little company, especially with Feast! Portland next door. Their office is actually adjacent to ours and we share a giant common office, free of walls, but with two doors of entry. It can get quite loud and exciting in the office space with the entire Feast! Portland team next door and no walls. I’ve noticed that being the newbie and youngest one in the office, it can feel quite cliquey at points in time, but maybe that’s just a part of “paying my dues.” This being my first office job, it’s fairly exhausting sitting in front of a computer all day. You’d think a job like my Adidas retail one would be more tiring, but I would argue the opposite. When I work at a fast pace, high energy environment, always engaging with people and walking I feel empowered and stimulated by all the energy around me. Being in an office and staring at the computer all day drains my brain and makes my eyes tired. But despite this vast difference in environment, I’m loving it and love learning all the differences, rules, and ways of doing things from a food PR perspective.

Day 9: 8 hours

Total: 72 hours

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