Hallo und Willkommen!

Hallo alle und guten Morgen!

Dieses ist mein neues Blog auf mein Abenteuer in Österreich, Deutschland, und oder Länder in Europa!

In translation: This is basically a place to write about all of my upcoming adventures around Europe and more specifically, Austria.

My name is Marina Choy and I am an incoming sophomore at University of Portland. I am a Communication Studies and German double major and am studying abroad this next year in Salzburg, Austria. As stated above, I will use this website to share my experiences and hopefully to make an imprint on all of you because if not to entertain you all, maybe you will be able to learn from my mistakes, conquests, and battles;

I leave in exactly a week and what a week it will be preparing and packing my life away in two measly suitcases, saying goodbye to family and friends, and holding on to the last bits of American culture that will be absent from my life for about 9 months. Some things you do not realize until actually preparing to leave the country, for example the loss of In-n-Out and the feeling of trying to consume as much of it as possible before departing in order to achieve that In-n-Out fix before saying goodbye to animal style fries and neapolitan shakes for a year. It is starting to hit me that I am actually leaving. I see my friends share pictures and memories as they have already started school up at Portland and I find myself missing all of it: friends, orientation, new freshmen to pick on; but I have to remind myself of upcoming adventures and all of the new experiences I will have over on the other side of the planet. I wish good luck to all my fellow Pilots on this next year ahead of them that they will have a safe, smart, but fun time; don’t forget me! 😥

The title of this blog came from a song from Andreas Bourani, called “Auf Uns.” ‘Auf Uns’ means ‘To Us,’ and ‘Liebe’ can mean ‘Darling, Dear, or Love.’ So if you put it all together, the title of my blog means, ‘To Us, Darling,’ or, ‘To Us, Love.’ It is my way of saying ‘cheers’ to a brand new year and all of the memories, adventures, and stupidity to come.

“Ein Hoch auf uns, auf dieses Leben, auf den Moment, auf jetzt und ewig, auf einen Tag Unendlichkeit,” -Andreas Bourani

“Here is to us,  to this life, to this moment, to now and forever, to a day of infinity”

So, cheers and thanks for reading!


Salzburg, Austria

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