Drop the Mic

Week 10 Theory: Dramaturgy Dramaturgy is the communication theory that explains the management of everyday life. The theory focuses on a comparison between people living their lives, and actors on a stage. It says that we are all actors in some respects. We act accordingly to the stage you put us on. For example, we […]

That’s a (sandwich) wrap

Week 10 Reflection: With my internship coming to a close soon, it’s been interesting learning about the food and drink industry, PR, and my fellow Pickles. I’ve never taken a PR class or really known what it takes to be in public relations, but wow… it’s a doozy. What an interesting, fascinating line of work […]

Tippecanoe and Bagel, too!

Week 9 Theory: Agenda Setting theory This week, I had a large assignment to come up with bagel puns. One of our clients is going to put on a Shmear Campaign, with light political humor and references, this coming fall. They are going to use catchy bagel puns to grab the audience’s attention and then […]

Schmear Campaign

Week 9 Reflection Ask not what your bagel can do for you, but what you can do for your bagel. This week, I had the task of creating 45 bagel puns. One of our clients is going to put on a Shmear Campaign, with light political humor and references, this coming fall. The campaign revolves […]

Chat(ter box) :-)

Week 8 Theory: Speech Act Theory L. Austin, a British philosopher of languages, came up with the speech act theory in 1975 to explain how people use language to assert things as well as do things. He explains how language (sounds, symbols, and words) equals action, intention of it or the lack thereof. It’s interesting […]

Take 2/day, and Drink Lots of Fluids

Week 8 Reflection: This week was terrible. I was sick as a dog. Not knowing where the clichéd phrase of sick as a dog comes from, I really have no idea if it’s true, but let me tell you—I was pretty sick this week. Battling a cold, and fighting to still go to work was […]

Feast your eyes on this

Week 7 Theory: Knowledge Gap Theory Knowledge gap theory is a really interesting theory brought on by Philip Tichenor, George Donohue, and Clarice Olien. These three professors introduced the idea that mass media may increase the diversity of higher and lower social status through one’s accessibility to said media/information. The accessibility to media would increase […]

Feast! Portland

Week 7 Reflection: 4 days to Feast, 361 days to recover. Such a fun slogan the Feast! Portland team has created. Feast is a food festival that appears in Portland every year. It has fun events such as Peace, Love, & Cocktails, and The Sandwich Invitational. One of my bosses, Carrie, created it with Mike. […]

It Takes 6 to Tango

  Week 6 Theory: Groupthink Groupthink is an interesting theory. It explains how groups, usually smaller, come to unanimous decisions despite other solutions. This may not necessarily be the better option, but it’s the mindset that leads to the decision that is interesting. Irving Janis, a social psychologist, coined the term and wanted to understand […]

Let’s Taco Bout Them Invites

Week 6 Reflection: Hand Written Stella Letters Stella and I have started a summer fling that consists of only the good stuff. Stella’s thoughtful, comforting, and covered in cheese. Did I mention her last name is Taco? Stella Taco. 2 locations: SE Division, and somewhere in NE. She serves summer margs, too. Anyway, enough about […]